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Honeywell performance additives help you get more performance, cost savings, and manufacturing efficiency out of your products. Our expertise in the chemistry behind your inks, paints, coatings, plastics, adhesives or rubber can help you find the right synthetic wax or blend for your specific application. Honeywell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of low-molecular-weight polyethylene waxes, and we offer the consistent quality, customer service, and global supply network you expect. Contact us today so we may begin to help you identify and apply your ideal formulation.

Product Hardness Mettler Drop Point Viscosity Acid Number SDS TDS
TLP-4660 12.5
TLP-4210 15
TLP-4020 19.0 - 24.0
Cohesa® 3050
Cohesa® 0002
Cohesa® 0001
TLP-4015 13.0 - 18.0
TLP-4007 14.0 - 18.0
TLP-4005 18
TLP-2050 12
TLP-2042 235 cSt @ 126.67°C (260°F)15.5 mg KOH/g
TLP-2040 11
TLP-2030 10
TLP-2020 9
ACumist® P-10 <0.5145°C(293°F)Nil
ACumist® P-5 <0.5145°C(293°F)Nil
ACumist® D-55 <2.0118°CNil
ACumist® D-12 <2.0118°C(244°F)Nil
ACumist® D-9 <2.0118°C(244°F)Nil
ACumist® D-6 <2.0118°C(244°F)Nil
ACumist® C-18 <1.0121°C(250°F)Nil
ACumist® C-12 <1.0121°C(250°F)Nil
ACumist® C-5 <1.0121°C(250°F)Nil
ACumist® B-18 <1.0126°C(259°F)Nil
ACumist® B-12 <1.0126°C(259°F)Nil
ACumist® B-6 <1.0126°C(259°F)Nil
ACumist® A-45 <0.5137°C(279°F)26 to 40
ACumist® A-18 <0.5137°C(279°F)26 to 40
ACumist® A-12 <0.5137°C(279°F)26 to 40
ACumist® A-6 <0.5137°C(279°F)26 to 40
ACumist® 3405 <1.0121°C(250°F)Nil
ACumist® 3205B <0.5126°C(259°F)Nil
ACumist® 3105B <0.5126°C(259°F)Nil
ACumist® 1812 <0.5139°C16 to 19
AClyn® 295P 1.099°C(210°F)2400 6000 @ 190°CNil
AClyn® 295A 99°C(210°F)4500 @ 190°C
AClyn® 295 99°C(210°F)4500 @ 190°C
AClyn® 285P 1.082°C(180°F)30000 100000 @ 190°C20
AClyn® 201A 1.0102°C(215°F)3000 11000 @ 190°C42
AClyn® 201 102°C(215°F)5500 @ 190°C42
A-C® 6702 9088°C(190°F)35 @ 140°C15
A-C® 5180 5076°C(169°F)825 @ 140°C185
A-C® 5150 1090°C1000 @ 140°C150
A-C® 1973 104°C (219°F)375 cps @ 140°C5 mg KOH/g
A-C® 1810A 2.0121°C(250°F)20 @ 140°CNil