ACumist® B-18

Micronized Polyethylene Homopolymer for use in solvent borne coatings, stains and lacquers, and solvent based flexographic inks. As with all ACumist products, it is insoluble in solvents and UV based monomers and oligomers at room temperature.


  • Content* The regulation includes a reference to this product. This does not imply blanket approval. End users should refer to the specific FDA regulation for details including extraction limitations and restrictions on the use of this product.

Regulatory Approvals

  • FDA Indirect Approvals*Yes
  • FDA Direct Food Additives Approvals*No

Product Form and Size

  • Product FormMicronized powder
  • Size14.0 to 17.0
  • Product FamilyMicronized PE homopolymer

Related TDS/SDS

Typical Properties

  • Hardness, dmm (ASTM D-5)<1.0
  • Drop Point, Mettler126°C(259°F)
  • Density0.96
  • Acid NumberNil