A-C® 5180

Ethylene acrylic acid (EAA) copolymer in a tacky solid form, with an acrylic acid (AA) content of 20%, for use in adhesives to promote adhesion to various substrates. Its acid number of 180 greatly aids emulsification and it can even be dispersed in water. Also used in solvent borne coatings to control rheology.


  • Content* The regulation includes a reference to this product. This does not imply blanket approval. End users should refer to the specific FDA regulation for details including extraction limitations and restrictions on the use of this product.

Product Form and Size

  • Product FormClear, Tacky, Soft
  • Product FamilyEAA copolymer

Regulatory Approvals

  • Plastic Pipe Institute/NSF*No
  • FDA Indirect Approvals*Yes
  • FDA Direct Food Additives Approvals*No

Related TDS/SDS

Typical Uses

  • AdhesivesCompatibilizer| Improve Adhesion to Substrate| Lower Application Temperature| Prevent Oil Migration| Reduce Processing Time
  • InksAdhesion-Cohesion| Non-Skid

Typical Properties

  • Hardness, dmm (ASTM D-5)50
  • Viscosity @ 140° C825
  • Drop Point, Mettler76°C(169°F)
  • Viscosity825 @ 140°C
  • Density0.93
  • Acid Number185